Test dataset for Quanti workflow.'

Sample Description
218 blood plasma samples from the Kuopio cohort were pooled according to gender and the stage of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (Control; Stable Mild Cognitive Impairment (S-MCI); Progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment (P-MCI); AD). Each pooled sample was independently digested in triplicate by trypsin in ProteaseMAX™ Surfactant, Trypsin Enhancer (Promega) according to the protocol provided by the producer.
Each peptide digest of pooled samples was analyzed twice using nanoflow C18 reverse phase liquid chromatography (HPLC) (Easy-nLC, Proxeon) with a 60 min gradient coupled with ETD MS/MS on a Velos Orbitrap mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Survey MS scans were carried out in the Orbitrap Fourier transform mass analyzer with a resolution of 60,000, with the m/z ranging from 300 to 2,000. After each MS scan, the top five most abundant precursor ions were selected for MS/MS using high-energy collision dissociation (HCD) in the Orbitrap (resolution of 7,500) and ETD in the Velos ion trap.

Pooled sample - healthy control males:
Pooled sample - S-MCI males:
Pooled sample - P-MCI males:
Pooled sample - AD males:
Pooled sample - healthy control females:
Pooled sample - S-MCI females:
Pooled sample - P-MCI females:
Pooled sample - AD females:

Related publications
Provided dataset has been used in following publications:

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